More than just marketing, "Foreign Trade Cow" provides one-stop promotion, customer acquisition, conversion and retention services to enterprises

More than just marketing, "Foreign Trade Cow" provides one-stop promotion, customer acquisition, conversion and retention services to enterprises


China's economic structure is transforming into a tertiary industry. According to the 36 Krypton Institute's "White Paper on the Overseas Industry (Full Version) | Go, Go Overseas, "Copy to World" Together! report, with the support of favourable policies such as "One Belt, One Road", the advantageous industry chain represented by the mobile internet is being extended overseas. The demographic dividend in China is gradually fading and traffic is moving to emerging mobile internet markets such as Brazil and India. Going abroad to open up new battlefields has become a common choice for many enterprises.


However, many domestic companies have the intention to go abroad, but do not know the specific path. It is not clear where the target customer groups are, and how to develop corresponding strategies according to the attributes of the local population. The traditional channels of customer acquisition for companies going abroad are going to foreign exhibitions, using various B2B platforms and Google bidding. However, this approach is not efficient in terms of customer acquisition, and secondly, customer retention and conversion rate should be targeted according to local user attributes.


Foreign Trade Cow is a company that provides one-stop promotion, customer acquisition, conversion and retention services for enterprise customers with overseas needs. Its existing clients mainly cover machinery manufacturing, clothing, shoes and hats, electromechanics and electronics, toys and gifts, and light industry and food. It is worth noting that Foreign Trade Cow does not mainly acquire C-side customers for these enterprises, but rather finds them B2B suppliers, channels, distributors, wholesalers, buyers and other corporate customers in the local area.


The main business is to set up websites in the corresponding languages for the enterprise customers and do the corresponding keyword promotion on Google, so as to match foreign buyers and domestic factories as the starting point, and then expand to other links of the foreign trade industry chain.


According to the founder, Xiao Bixiang, there are four core businesses of FTN. Firstly, we will do "strategic planning" for our clients, helping them analyse in which countries their products are suitable and in what way they can be placed, as well as helping them build websites that meet the browsing habits of local users and are suitable for Google search engine recommendations.


For example, a foreign trade cow wanted to promote a certain refrigerator ice machine overseas, but if the word "ice machine" was translated directly, users in the target market would not understand it. So the company decided to change the keyword to "ice machine", which is more in line with the reading habits of users in the target market.


Once the website was set up, the second step was to use Google's SEO and SEM keywords to help the company gain customers. Foreign trade cattle to pay by results, charging companies a certain service fee and promise to bring the corresponding number of visitors for the enterprise (for example, charge 40,000 yuan to bring more than 10,000 UV).


SEO and SEM keywords are promoted taking into account the client's budget, product features and the characteristics of the industry. Take the example of a refrigerator and ice machine manufacturer, if the word "refrigerator" is set as the focus of the SEO keyword. But the keyword "refrigerator" is undoubtedly a hot spot, there are many manufacturers are in this area to set up keywords, small enterprises if the budget is not enough, it is difficult to do articles on it.


At this time, foreign trade cattle will be based on the enterprise customer's budget, product characteristics and the industry set some relatively accurate, can bring a certain degree of traffic but the competition is not very big keywords. For example, "China ice machine" and "ice machine manufacturers". This kind of word can bring the website traffic is relatively not so big, but very accurate, search the word users are basically the target buyers.


In addition to keywords, FTN also develops some underlying architecture when laying out a website in exchange for higher feed stream rankings in Google. Such as a more concise and straightforward website introduction style, faster opening speed of the website on mobile, etc. To sum up, we use SEO+SEM to help our business clients get customers.


According to founder Xiao Bixiang, Google and other search engines will help enterprise customers to get 80% of the traffic, and the remaining 20% will be obtained through social media (mainly Facebook). So the foreign trade cattle will also help enterprise customers to attract traffic in social media. The specific way is to open the interface between foreign trade cattle and social media, when enterprises in foreign trade cattle tools search "refrigerator suppliers" and other related words, the list will present a series of companies registered on social media, customers can communicate directly with these companies through social media.


After planning the strategy and bringing in potential customers, the next step is to convert the potential customers into paying customers. The traditional way of communicating with customers is through email, SKYPE, MSN etc., but this is too rigid and does not generate timely interaction.


Foreign trade cattle to their own tools and Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other five major social media to open up, when the intention of the customer with e-mail inquiries, foreign trade cattle by Email address can locate the customer to use what social media. Through social media, companies can interact with customers more and communicate better, thus increasing the conversion rate of paying users.


The final value that Foreign Trade Cow provides to its customers is a customer CRM management tool that manages prospective customers, paying users and project revenue streams. It will show you who is coming through Facebook, who is coming through Google, and what the monthly and daily traffic is.


The project's profit model is not only based on UV visits, as mentioned above, but also on targeted fees. The project is also profitable through the development of CRM specific functions for enterprises (the basic functions of CRM are free). At present, Foreign Trade Cow has served more than 500 foreign trade companies, with an annual flow of about 20 million yuan. The founder, Xiao Bixiang, has 14 years of experience in foreign trade and has been providing Google-based marketing and promotion services for clients since 2003. In the future, the foreign trade cow will continue to be on line with customs declaration, insurance and other functions.

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