Foreign trade cattle: build a one-stop integrated foreign trade marketing system based on the advantages of multilingual website building

Foreign trade cattle: build a one-stop integrated foreign trade marketing system based on the advantages of multilingual website building


According to a research report released by Wisdom Research Consulting, China's total exports in the first eight months of 2016 were US$135.293 billion, and although there was greater downward pressure compared to the previous two years, at the same time the industry was also undergoing positive changes. The government has issued a number of documents to support the development of the foreign trade industry, and traditional enterprises have been transforming and upgrading by improving product quality and technology to seek development opportunities. In the "Internet+" entrepreneurial environment, new business models such as cross-border e-commerce have also injected new vitality into the foreign trade industry, with the overall transaction scale of China's import and export cross-border e-commerce reaching RMB 6.3 trillion in 2016, showing a steady growth trend.

In the foreign trade industry, there are three main ways for international buyers to find partners, of which 80% come from search engines and the other two are B2B platforms and exhibitions. However, the traditional search engine promotion model has certain pain points, firstly, the website is single and does not meet the foreigners' search habits; secondly, there is a single way of attracting traffic, and the display of Google home page ads is unstable, the traffic is not accurate, and it is difficult to convert enquiries. Foreign trade cattle hope to change the status quo of foreign trade marketing through technology research and development, with big data analysis as the premise, multi-language website construction as the basis, strengthen the Google SEO + SEM traffic channel, to create a one-stop foreign trade integrated marketing system.


Xiao Bixiang, the founder of Foreign Trade Cow, has been in the industry since 2005 doing Google sales, when there was not even a translation of "Google". He was one of the first people in this business in China. As his original company did not have the right follow-up service, he decided that the company was not the right focus and left to start his own business. At the end of 2015, Xiao Bixiang became aware of the industry's development needs and started to develop technology and business innovation, and in October 2016, Foreign Trade Cow version 1.0 was launched.


The foreign trade cow platform has four major systems, and the main functions are realized through these systems.


1. Intelligent multi-language website building system.


General foreign trade enterprise website language is relatively single, it is difficult to maximize the access to customers with demand, and the search habits of foreigners may also be different from what we expected. Foreign trade cattle currently provides 38 languages to build a website function, will first help enterprises to analyze the business opportunities in which countries and which associated keywords have search volume, to the user to build the underlying framework, multi-language build a website at the same time according to the keyword optimization SEO, SEM.


2. Intelligent monitoring system.


Foreign trade cattle system can carry out a full range of website data monitoring, direct access to website keyword rankings, traffic data, etc., according to the monitoring results for optimization, in addition to the traffic data source countries, sources of domain names and inquiries are left in the background records, the system even has an intuitive data analysis function, the user can get more accurate customer portrait according to the analysis results.


3. Intelligent marketing system.


Through the Google SEM and SEO dual-pronged, optimization and bidding for a flexible combination of natural ranking, advertising and image search are covered, more convenient for foreign customers to find your products.


4. Social conversion system.


The most fundamental demand of users is inquiry and conversion, foreign trade cattle will be the first time to notify users through mobile phone SMS and email when there is an inquiry, and the social identification system can automatically identify whether the inquiry email is a Facebook account, so that customers can be included in the social circle, which makes it easier to retain, activate, develop and maintain.

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