Why is a turbocharger a failure-prone assembly on an engine?


Why is the turbocharger a failure-prone assembly on the engine?


The rated working speed of the turbocharger is above 130,000 rpm and is at the exit of the exhaust manifold, where the temperature is very high (above 800°C) and the intake and exhaust pressure is also high, i.e. high temperature, high pressure and high speed, so the requirements for lubrication and cooling of the turbocharger and sealing are relatively high. In order to ensure the service life of the turbocharger, in the design to ensure the lubrication and cooling of the turbocharger floating bearing.


① The engine should idle for 3-5 minutes after starting, do not add load immediately to ensure good lubrication of the turbocharger. The main reason is that the turbocharger is located at the top of the engine, if the engine starts after the turbocharger immediately began to run at high speed, it will lead to oil pressure does not rise in time to the turbocharger oil supply, resulting in oil shortage damage to the turbocharger, or even burn the entire turbocharger.


② Idling time should not be too long, generally not more than 10 minutes, idling time is too long easy to cause oil leakage at the end of the compressor.


③ Do not immediately turn off the engine before parking, should idle for 3-5 minutes to make the turbocharger speed and exhaust system temperature down to prevent the occurrence of back heat - oil coking - bearing burn and other failures. Regular incorrect use can damage the turbocharger.


④For engines that have not been used for a long time (generally more than 7 days), or for engines with a new turbocharger, the oil inlet of the turbocharger should be filled with oil before use, otherwise poor lubrication will reduce the life of the turbocharger or damage it.


⑤ Check regularly whether the connection parts are loose and leak air and oil If the oil return pipe is clear, it should be removed in time.


⑥Ensure that the air filter is clean and replaced regularly as required.

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